Treatment Procedure

Foot and Ankle Surgery Delhi:-

Here till a very neglected field in India it has really shown itself an advanced specialisation in some of the other countries such as US, UK, Australia. Foot deformities are very complex and involve a very good understanding of the causes and mechanics of foot problems. Read More

Trauma Surgery in Delhi:-

Organise trauma care is a multispeciality team concept the reality of which is now dawning in our country. More and more the realisation is coming through inthe medical community that timely proper care and treatment are the essential tenements for rehabilitation of the patients with fractures and other accident injuries. Read More

Spinal Surgery in India:-

Spine surgery is quite an exclusive field in UK and I was fortunate to work alongside Mr. C.C. Crawshaw in Gloucester and Mr. Peter Webb & Mr.Pradeep Madhavan in Musgrove Park Hospital at Taunton doing advanced spine surgery for over a year. Spine surgery and management of back pain is more than just looking at MRI scans and it is his firm belief that back care is all about restoring the mechanics of the back and return to early function. Read More

Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery in Delhi:-

Childrens Orthopaedic problem need an understanding not only of the ailment but also understanding the psyche of children to enable them to get better and for them to have confidence in their doctor. Bristol Childrens Hospital, is anideal ground for understanding childrens disease and if the working environment has a faculty including Mr. Martin Gargan, Mr. FergellMonsell, Mr. John Cashman& Mr. Guy Atherton it all comes together wonderfully well. Read More

Hand And Elbow Surgery in Delhi:-

Had Surgery has really come of age and now has seen commited people in this sub speciality. He has worked with Mr. Andrew Clarke a renowned Hand surgeon in Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton doing dedicated work in Rheumatoid hand and other ailments such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome, other nerve compressions, Keinbocks disease. Read More

Sports Injuries And Arthroscopy India:-

Sports and related injuries are an upcoming field in the country as people get more aware of their health. Most injuries in our city seem to happen as people start to get into the fitness mould after a long time. Proper and early management of these injuries allows patients to continue with their initial enthusiasm and exercises. Read More

Hip Surgery in India:-

The training in UK involves rotation in different specialities in Orthopaedics allowing an exposure to work with the many luminaries and eminent specialist which are workingin possibly one of the most Advanced Orthopaedic training schemes in the world. He has had the opportunity to work withMr. Christopher Curwen (Gloucester), Mr. Rooker (Cheltenham), r. S. Jones (Ashington)&Prof I. Learmonth, Professor in Bristol, UK known for their pioneering work in Hip replacements. Read More

Knee Surgery in Delhi:-

Knee surgery seems to have become the focus of his medical practice in India. Knee joint problems seem to be rampant in our country. Unfortunately most knee decisions in this city seem to be down to whether patient needs Knee replacement or not. Dr. Bedi has advanced these options and aims to provide a full care plan of the patients including Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy advise, Medication and other operative options which involve preserving the original joint as far as possible. Read More

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