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If you are experiencing stiff or painful knee that makes you difficult in performing daily activities and conservative treatments are no longer performing, you might consider going for arthroplasty. This could help in relieving pain and restore functions of knee joints. Osteoporosis is not the only reason that causes knee pain, deformity or inflammation; as well as not a reason to go for knee replacement surgery. It is most commonly performed on cases with advanced osteoarthritis, which includes meniscus tears, cartilage defects and ligament tears.

All these causes are more prominent in the elderly people who are above 50 years of age. Usually, knee-replacement surgery involves replacing the diseased or damaged joint surfaces with an artificial joint made of metal and plastic. While you look for the best doctor successfully performing knee replacement surgery in India, consider taking opinion from Dr Gurinder Bedi. He is one of the best orthopedic and surgeon and knee problems seems to be most common that he deals with his practice. He has the ability to empower his patients by advising them both surgical and non-surgical options for their ailments.

He aims to provide a full care plan for the patients that include Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy advice, Medication and other operative options. Surgeries might include the realignment, arthroscopy, and reconstruction of ligament. Severe cases may require a patient to undergo Joint Replacement Surgery (Total, Partial or Revision). Fortis Hospital is well equipped with the Navigation system for full Computer Aided Knee Replacement (CAS) that allows even complex knee treatments to complete with precision.

Fortis Hospital carries out computer-aided designing of knee templates and cutting blocks for Patient Specific Knee (PSI) replacement. Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement is being frequently performed on the patients, since it is less painful. In all, he is the best doctor, when it comes to getting the knee replacement surgery done in India.

Knee surgery seems to have become the focus of his medical practice in India.  Knee joint problems seem to be rampant in our country.  Unfortunately most knee decisions in this city seem to be down to whether patient needs Knee replacement or not.  Dr. Bedi has advanced these options and aims to provide a full care plan of the patients including Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy advise, Medication and other operative options which involve preserving the original joint as far as possible.  Being very well versed on Knee surgery he can also offer the option of Realignment operations, Arthroscopy, Ligamentous reconstruction and if all else fails Joint Replacements which may be Unicompartmental Knee replacement, Full knee replacement or even Revising Joints which have not worked well due to various causes.

Knee problems seem to have become the commonest problem that he deals with in his practice. Knee problems have in his practice moved to beyond ordinary treatment.  He is again on a mission to empower patients by explaining and communicating the various options both surgical & Non- surgical for their ailments so that they decide on the best treatment for themselves.

His advanced fellowship in England in KNEE SURGERY with Mr. J. H. Newman, Mr. Roger Close,Mr. Rob Gleeson has been as assetin his knee practise.  Having worked with Mr. Newman, Mr. J. Hardy in Avon Orthopaedic Centre, Bristolhis arthroscopy skills have been greatly helped and are second to none.  He is doing Knee replacements and Arthroscopic surgery of the knee on a regular basis.  He is well versed with implants from all renowned companies and am exclusively usingonly implants which have proven track records and are certified by variousregulatory authorities such as FDA: Stryker/ DePuy J & J/ Biomet/ Zimmer.  He has been regularly invited by various organisations& Hospitals to teach on knee replacement and ligament reconstruction.  He is regularly conducting workshops at international level meetings regarding appropriate use of these implants.

Following are the Knee Surgery Done:

Treatment Offered by Dr. Gurinder Bedi

Dr Gurinder Bedi is one of best doctor for Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi and leading knee replacement surgeon in India. Having been trained in UK and with an experience of more than 17 years as Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon and Joint Replacement Expert He offers quality treatment to patients for Knee Replacement Surgery with very high success rate. Dr. Bedi has deep interest and expertise and experience at Knee Replacement Surgery to produce the best reults.

Dr Gurinder Bedi has performed a significant number of successful Knee Replacement surgeries. With her hands on expertise in the procedure; he understands every technicality, and complications of it. On an average he receives 100 spine procedures/ over 400 joint replacements/about 100 arthroscopies and about 500 trauma procedures in one year which makes him best Knee Replacement surgery in Delhi.

He also has an interest in research, teaching, organising workshops and training sessions on Knee Replacement surgery.

Get affordable and quality Knee Replacement surgery in Delhi by Dr Gurinder Bedi.

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