Trauma Surgery in Delhi

Organise trauma care is a multispeciality team concept the reality of which is now dawning in our country.  More and more the realisation is coming through inthe medical community that timely proper care and treatment are theessential tenements  for rehabilitation of the patients with fractures and other accident injuries.  The first point of care has to be proper and well timed to prevent future morbidity for the patient.  The days of people being laid out in bed for prolonged periods are well and truly over. 


Patients cannot afford to be laid out for fear of loosing their jobs/ livelihood and worse still developing bed sores and infections.  We firmly believe in the philosophy of being up and about and early return to work.  Movement is life and life is movement has been our guiding principle. In his Hospitalpractise he runs a well organised team of highly competent professionals from all specialities such as Cardiology/ Neurosurgery/ Plastic surgery/ Anaesthethisology and Critical care medicine who support the trauma care providing for a good outcome in most patients.  Management of elderly patients with fractures is a special area where the team takesa excellent special care to sort out their medical needs with our physician colleagues and returnthem back to their old lifestyle.

He has worked at Level 1 Trauma centres in Newcastle General Hospital, Newcatle, UK and in Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK which are tertiary trauma carecentres receiving severely injured patients for specialised care.  His experience and philosophy of managing these injuries is well advanced beyond the other orthopaedic surgeons.  Care is based on the latest evidence based practice and isoptimised for patients. These centresrun a 24X7 emergency department to run full services for management of all these problems.  Mr. Christopher Curwen/ My. Anthony Cross/ Mr. A. M. Nanu are well recognised trainers in this field with whom he has had very close association and with whom he has spent many a months.  He is very comfortable managing all complex trauma situations.He is well versed with the use of thelatest locking plates and minimally invasive technology in trauma care.  He has developed a special interest in managing Periarticular fractures and also Non union and Malunion of fractures.  Recognised trainer for the AO trauma management courses.

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