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When severe hip pain no longer gets relieved through proper medication and treatments, the doctors recommends the patient going for hip replacement. At first, X-rays are done to look at the condition of bones and cartilage and analyze the intensity of damage already present there. Total or partial replacement surgery is performed according to the conditions persists after diagnosing the patient. There are several causes of chronic hip pain namely osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, trauma, avascular necrosis and childhood hip disease.

These severe cases might undergo total replacement surgery, where the damaged cartilage is replaced by new joint material- Metal, Ceramic or plastic parts. These components are inserted in-between the new ball and the socket, to resurface the pelvic bone structure. Gradually, a person can recover within 3 to 6 weeks following surgery. Dr. G Bedi is one of the best hip replacement surgeons in Delhi, having performed the revision of these joints as well. This revision takes place in case of fractures or infection or loosening of implants.

Having studied and worked in UK Orthopedic center, he has able to derive quality implants of hip joints. We put our best methods to improve your overall mobility. We strive to turn your expectations into a reality through simultaneously providing medications and suggesting different physical therapies. Contact Dr. G Bedi, also one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Delhi, if you are planning to go for hip replacement surgery. We will surely help you out in exploring various treatment options, after a thorough examination of your bones.

The training in UK involves rotation in different specialities in Orthopaedics allowing an exposure to work with the many luminaries and eminent specialist which are workingin possibly one of the most Advanced Orthopaedic training schemes in the world.  He has had the opportunity to work withMr. Christopher Curwen (Gloucester), Mr. Rooker (Cheltenham), r. S. Jones (Ashington)&Prof I. Learmonth, Professor  in Bristol, UK known for their pioneering work in Hip replacements.  He has been routinely doing Joint replacements, Hip and Pelvic osteotomies in New Delhi.

Have Done REVISION HIP SURGERY (redoing hip replacements for fractures/ infection or loosening of implants)for a variety of indications.  Worked in Avon Orthopaedic Center (AOC) Bristol, UK which is a world recognized center for quality and quantity of work that is done in Joint replacement with over 30 Orthopedics Surgeon in Delhi working in the same dedicated facility.

He followed it up with an advanced fellowship in Hip Surgery in University Hospital Wales, Cardiff working with Mr. Marci Maheson/ Mr. Alan John/Mr Steve Jones.   Has had experience in using most of the latest hip implants from renowned implant manufacturers such as DePuy, J& J/ Zimmer/ Stryker/ Biomet/Aesculap.  He is actively involved in running courses for hip reconstruction and replacement In Delhi.

Following are Hip Surgeries done:

Best Hip Replacement Surgeons in India

Dr. G Bedi is one of the best orthopedic and joint or hip replacement surgeons in India. He has been associated with FORTIS Hospital for quite some time and has performed almost all common surgical procedures. The Orthopedic team set up by him, has eight more well experience orthopedic surgeons, in both Fortis Hospital and Global Clinic. Together the team provides the most comprehensive orthopedic service putting together years of experience between them.

Average surgeries performed includes 100 spine procedures, over 400 joint replacements, about 100 arthroscopies and 500 trauma procedures in a year. Over 20 years of rich experience, he started practicing in New Delhi after returning from UK. While practicing in UK for over 11 years, he has gained extensive experience covering all aspects of Orthopedic Surgery. He has completed his training program with UK University Hospitals, which also serves as super specialty centers for complex orthopedic surgery. He has also been a part of advance fellowships in knee surgery, hip surgery as well as deformity and trauma reconstruction.

As this training program in UK got extended for many years, he gained significant experience in dealing with other facets of Orthopedics such as Spinal Surgery, Hand and Foot Surgery and Ankle Surgery. His area of super specialization includes hip replacement surgery, apart from other joint replacement. He has also performed the revision of these joints, which takes place due to either fracture/infection or loosening of implants. It is a reflection of his training and current practice that allows him to confidently and competently manage all these Orthopedic problems. Successfully carrying out the surgeries has fetched him a prominent name as best orthopedic and hip replacement surgeon in India.

Treatment Offered by Dr. Gurinder Bedi

Dr Gurinder Bedi is one of best Hip replacement surgeon in Delhi and leading knee replacement surgeon in India. Having been trained in UK and with an experience of more than 17 years as Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon and Joint Replacement Expert He offers quality treatment to patients for hip replacement Surgery with very high success rate. Dr. Bedi has deep interest and expertise and experience at hip replacement Surgery to produce the best reults.

Dr Gurinder Bedi has performed a significant number of successful hip replacement surgeries. With her hands on expertise in the procedure; he understands every technicality, and complications of it. On an average he receives 100 spine procedures/ over 400 joint replacements/about 100 arthroscopies and about 500 trauma procedures in one year which makes him best hip replacement surgery in Delhi.

He also has an interest in research, teaching, organising workshops and training sessions on orthopedic surgery.

Get affordable and quality hip replacement surgery in Delhi by Dr Gurinder Bedi.

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