Sports Injuries And Arthroscopy


Several diseases and joint injuries can severely damage the bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. It might result in the inflammation of the lining in the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist or ankle. This might be a thorough task of an orthopedic surgeon to examine the injury - whether acute or chronic. It usually begins with X-ray, MRI and CT scan and complete with the final diagnosis with arthroscopy. In Delhi, one of the most prominent names of an orthopedic surgeon is that of Dr Gurvinder Bedi.

His area of specialization also includes Arthroscopy of injury of joints. Arthroscopic surgery involves the repair or resection of torn cartilage, reconstruction of anterior ligament, removal of inflamed lining (synovium), repair of torn ligaments and removal of loose bone or cartilage in knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, ankle, and wrist. Arthroscopy helps visualize these six joints, hence providing more accuracy than through an “open” surgery.

Several small incisions are made to the skin and an arthroscope is inserted through them. With the help of this tool, magnified images of your joints are displayed clearly due to a light source and video camera attached to it. The whole procedure is less painful without requiring an overnight stay. Moreover, recovery period after arthroscopy is also much faster. One might take about 6 to 8 weeks to resume physical activities. Our each patient undergoing arthroscopy may be suggested specific rehabilitation program by arthroscopic surgeon to speed up your recovery and protect future joint function.

Sports and related injuries are an upcoming field in the country as people get more aware of their health. Most injuries in our city seem to happen as people start to get into the fitness mould after a long time. Proper and early management of these injuries allows patients to continue with their initial enthusiasm and exercises. Organised care with proper advice is normally all that it takes to get patients back on their exercise routines. The team of Orthopaerdic Surgeond & physiotherapist can give advice to patients for these conditions.

Arthroscopy and arthroscopic surgery of various joints such as Knee, Shoulder, Ankle are routinely done in conditions requiring surgical intervention. These include surgery for Meniscal injuries, cartilage debridement, removal of loose bodies, Anterior & Posterior Cruciate ligament reconstruction, MPFL reconstruction. The unit also does arthroscopic surgery for shoulder including repair for Recurrent Dislocation if the shoulder, Rotator cuff repair.

We are also doing procedures such as Autologous chondrocyte implantation, Mosaicplasty in which new cartilage is transplanted to damage area.

Treatment Offered by Dr. Gurinder Bedi

Dr Gurinder Bedi is one of best Arthroscopy surgeon in Delhi and leading Orthopedics surgeon in India. Having been trained in UK and with an experience of more than 17 years as Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon and Joint Replacement Expert He offers quality treatment to patients for Sports Injury and Arthroscopy Surgery with very high success rate. Dr. Bedi has deep interest and expertise and experience at Sports Injury Surgery to produce the best reults.

Dr Gurinder Bedi has performed a significant number of successful Sports Injury and Arthroscopy surgeries. With her hands on expertise in the procedure; he understands every technicality, and complications of it. On an average he receives 100 spine procedures/ over 400 joint replacements/about 100 arthroscopies and about 500 trauma procedures in one year which makes him best Sports Injury and Arthroscopy in Delhi.

He also has an interest in research, teaching, organising workshops and training sessions on orthopedic surgery.

Get affordable and quality Sports Injury and Arthroscopy in Delhi by Dr Gurinder Bedi.

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