Orthopedic Surgeon/Doctor in Delhi

Orthopedic doctor/surgeon deals with musculoskeletal conditions and treat its complex system that include bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves, that allows you to move, work and be active. The severe condition might be the result of injuries, disorders and diseases. The treatment varies depending upon the condition of the patient. Usually, an orthopedist suggests a proper medication, exercise and other rehabilitative or alternative therapies. If medicines or exercise does not respond, there might be one or more than one form of treatment recommended by an orthopedist.

Dr G Bedi is one of the most prominent Orthopedic Doctor in Delhi, who deals with all types of orthopedic surgery. He has handled and managed many surgeries that are not an active area of field in India today. These surgeries include Arthroscopy, Fusion/welding, internal fixation, Joint Replacement (Total, Partial or Revision), Osteotomy and Soft Tissue Repair. As an well known orthopedic Doctor in Delhi NCR, he is familiar with all aspects of musculoskeletal system. Even new born with deformities such as clubfeet, DDH, Perthes, Slipped Capital femoral epiphysis, young athletes requiring arthroscopic surgery to older people bearing symptoms of arthritis; have been successfully dealt by Dr Gurinder Bedi.

His experience cannot be ignored as well as number of outstanding surgeries he has carried out till date. Working in Fortis and Global hospital currently, he has been a distinguished name and best orthopedic surgeon in Delhi. Every patient’s conditions are looked upon individually, and accordingly treatment, rehabilitation and prevention plan is recommended. Children fractures are being regularly managed in Fortis hospital in a safe and comfortable environment, which is reassuring to both the children and their parents.

Childrens Orthopaedic problem need an understanding not only of the ailment but also understanding the psyche of children to enable them to get better and for them to have confidence in their doctor. Bristol Childrens Hospital, is anideal ground for understanding childrens disease and if the working environment has a faculty including Mr. Martin Gargan, Mr. Fergell Monsell, Mr. John Cashman& Mr. Guy Atherton it all comes together wonderfully well. This alongside working with Mathew Varghese at St Stephens Hospital which runs one of the busiest unit fororthopaedically handicapped children in North India teaches a lot and has given him a massive experience in managing these problems.

He has an experience of over 100 cases of Ilizarov fixator application in different conditions. Well versed in Childrens Orthopaedic condition such as DDH, Perthes, Slipped Capital femoral epiphysis, club foot. Childrens fractures are being regularly managed in Fortis hospital in a safe and comfortable environment which is reassuring to both the children and their parents.

Deformity Correction in Delhi

Usually physical trauma, sports injuries, car accidents and diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Cerebral Palsy and Osteomyelitis might result in deformities of bones structure. It is then; the surgery is required to proceed with the correction of deformities of leg, foot and ankle. Dr. G Bedi specializes in orthopedic surgeries and he has an extensive experience of 20 years while dealing with so many cases.

He has performed deformity corrections of limbs, besides management of Complex Trauma cases and severe joint disruption fractures. The treatment depends on the severity of deformity. It either might demand surgery or can be fixed by using orthotic devices. Bowlegs, knock-knee, non-union fractures, limb discrepancy, dwarfism and hammertoe are some of the deformities corrected through surgeries. Congenital and developmental deformities present at birth might progressively get worse as the patient ages.

Therefore, in case, your child may face deformity trauma of musculoskeletal structure, or because of any other cause, we strive to treat our patients and help them achieve quality life they want to lead. Being an executive member of Delhi Orthopaedic Association, Editor of Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics and Trauma, he is currently engaged in teaching AO courses and is a journal reviewer for Indian Orth Association Journal. He engages in organizing the DOA residents teaching program. He has regularly received invitation for lectures in DOA/ IOACON/ ISKSAA and other national meetings.


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