What Causes Frozen Shoulder And What Is Its Underlying Treatment?

Frozen shoulder is a condition of pain and stiffness in the shoulder which may hamper your ability to perform routine activities. You may also not be able to move your hand and shoulder at all. This condition might take several years to improve, but it takes a lot of time.

Usually, it happens when the flexible tissue surrounding the joints of the shoulder becomes inflamed and swollen. This occurs if one has gone through shoulder surgery earlier, or has been a patient of diabetes or suffering from heart disease or stroke and sometimes, underactive thyroid.

Intense physical therapy given to the shoulder injury, might worsen your frozen shoulder. It is always suggested to go for the physical therapy as soon as you realize the pain of frozen shoulder. The cases with long-term frozen shoulder either need to get the stiff scar manipulated or he might need to go for Arthroscopy to remove adhesions.

Small incisions are made to insert pencil-sized instrument inside. The combination of physical therapy and arthroscopy together gives maximum improvement results. While planning to go for arthroscopic surgery, Dr G Bedi has been regarded as best arthroscopic surgeon in Delhi. Each patient undergoes special rehabilitation program under the guidance of Dr Gurinder. He has performed the highest number of successful surgeries till now with speedy recovery.

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