How Severe Back Pain Affect You And Your Life?

Today’s sedentary lifestyle and habits have resulted into limited or no mobility. More and more people are experiencing severe back pain which can be a very discomforting stage in a person’s life. It not just hampers the routine work to perform daily activities but also affect a person’s life in several other ways. People might experience depression symptoms which can even lead to suicide attempts.

The patients with the severe back pain are getting addicted to the painkillers. However, they are not aware of its side-effects. As the person’s body get used to these painkillers, the back pain concern starts aggravating further. This situation results in extreme levels of depression.

Chronic back pain might also affect your sleeping habits due to difficulty in sleeping with the right posture. Other than this, your social life gets hampered to a huge extent, due to less travelling. It is very frustrating for a person when his/her hobbies or interest takes a backseat. This could be mentally painful for the the person going through with the severe back pain.

The severity of back pain can be easily treated under the guidance of orthopedic surgeon. While, in Delhi there are many top orthopedic surgeons, however Dr G Bedi has been able to perform highest number of successful surgeries till now.

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