How is post-operative pain managed by joint replacement surgeon?

Patient control analgesia (PCA) technique is used nowadays to relieve post-operative pain. The surgeon at first hand, places a catheter in epidural space. After placing the catheter, pain relieving fluid is pumped through PCA. The PCA pump is controlled through computer and furthermore complete settings are decided by the anesthesiologist.

The medicine fluid is very safe and will numb your joint area through femoral nerve. Dr G Bedi has got his expert hand, while carrying any joint replacement surgery. His 20 years of experience, has added super specialization of Joint replacement in his career. He has performed successful joint replacement surgery including revision of these joints.

He is best at managing complex trauma cases and joint disruption fractures. The number of successful joint replacement surgeries he has performed till now, has made him the best orthopedic surgeon in India.

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