Common Myths Busted About Knee Replacement

Though lifelong durability of replaced knee joint cannot be judged, however there are common myths attached to the surgery. We are here to bust common myths due to which people are scared to opt for knee joint replacement surgery. First, people are occupied with the thoughts that they won’t be able to bend their knees after surgery.

However, it entirely depends on the quality of surgery and post-op rehabilitation. Secondly, people believe that it is not possible to sit on the floor or squat after surgery. That is certainly not the case and much dependent upon the quality of surgery the patient has gone through.

Myth carried among a lot of Indians is that joint replacement surgery is not advisable for older as well as young patients. In fact, the most suitable age is between 55 to 85 years in which the patient is reasonably fit. One of the biggest myths among inexperienced surgeons and patients is the belief that hi-flex knee replacements and expensive implants give a better range of movements.

However, the truth is that these implants allow even safer deep flexion. All these beliefs are myths in actual terms. Today, the number of people opting for early knee joint replacement is growing at a dramatic rate.

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