What is total knee replacement? What are the results of this surgery?

Total knee joint replacement surgery has gained popularity in India, due to many cases of arthritis coming into visibility. The surgery is performed to relieve severe knee joint pain or stiffness that limits your routine activities, chronic knee inflammation and swelling as well as to correct knee deformity.

The orthopedic surgeon removes damaged bone or cartilage and replaces it with metal or plastic knee implants to restore the proper functioning of the knee. The entire surgery will result into a new and improved knee motion. The range of motion varies from person to person and often with time the differences diminishes. Most patients are able to attain tolerance to the pain and limited functioning they have experienced before surgery.

At Dr G Bedi clinic, every sought of detailed analysis is done before initializing the knee joint surgery. Most conventional techniques and smart tools enables to position knee implants with precision. Dr G Bedi has been able to carry out every orthopedic surgery with I-Assist and PSI Technology and computer navigation system.

Minimally invasive procedure is used to perform the surgery. Usually, high flexion knee implants are used to restore faster mobility of the patients. Hence, under the expert advice and guidance of Dr. G Bedi, one can achieve excellent results post-surgery.

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