Touch base with the best doctor for knee replacement surgery in India to reduce risks

The common risks are more or less similar to the ones associated with joint replacement surgery. However, the most common, yet the severe risk is that of infection. This may occur in less than 1% patients, but is a serious issue. Infection pertains to surgical factors as well as patients.

Another risk of knee replacement surgery is deep vein thrombosis, which may happen in almost 15% of the patients undergoing this surgery. Apart from these complications, symptomatic and nerve injuries are other risks, which happen in less than 3% patients. Prosthesis failure, stiffness and persisting pain may also occur after the surgery.

Patients who are obese or over weight may face complications, which are mostly weight related. That is why your doctor will suggest you to lose weight before undergoing this surgery. If the weight is unmanageable, there are chances that your doctor would suggest you t first go for bariatric surgery. The best doctor for knee replacement surgery in India can considerably help in reducing these complications and risks. Yet, it goes up to the patients and family to ensure clean and hygienic environment for recovery.

With advancement in science and technology and better implant designs, the complications have reduced manifold. However, the doctors and surgeons still keep a marginal potential risk, which only makes the surgery 99% successful. Dr. G. Bedi is one of the best doctors for knee replacement surgery in India for such replacement related issues with an excellent success rate. You can touch base with him through an appointment.

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